accommodation-33 Our hutches are suitable for more than one rabbit or guinea pig, ideal if your pets usually live together – with discounts available for pets sharing a hutch. Your rabbit will not mix with any other animals whilst in our care, except for their own hutch mate, should they have one. Hutches are cleaned regularly and pets checked throughout the day. Rabbits will receive daily exercise in an outdoor run, subject to weather conditions.


The hutches are 4ft by 1ft8inch with both a living area and a sleeping area and can happily accommodate 2 rabbits. They are housed in a secure, ventilated garden shed to protect them from any predators and the elements. All hutches, toys and feeders/bottles are cleaned and disinfected before coming into contact with your or any other pets.

Outdoor runs

Rabbits are exercised daily in secure outdoor enclosures with partial coverings for shelter and shade. Your rabbit(s) will not mix with other rabbits whilst exercising and will be kept in their own outdoor enclosure.


IMG_5783 Your pets will be fed twice daily or as required with Harrington’s Optimum nuggets (or Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch) and supplemented with fresh vegetables such as kale, cabbage, broccoli and carrots throughout the day. This is included in the boarding charge. There is hay available to them in their hutches and runs at all times. If your pet has particular feeding needs then we can accommodate these if you provide their usual food or treats.


If your rabbits or guinea pigs are more used to sleeping inside then we have an indoor hutch which might be more comfortable for them. It measures 100cm x 54cm and is big enough for two rabbits or guinea pigs. Your pets can still be exercised in the outdoor runs during the day but can sleep in the indoor hutch at nighttime when it gets a bit cooler.